How much do you know about Acid-Wash, the hottest denim trend this summer?

To celebrate one of our favourite denim trends this summer – and the launch of our NEW Mocha BootyHuggers range – take a walk along the catwalks of Europe with us and learn a little more about Acid-Wash Denim!

The Beginnings Of The Acid-Wash Trend

The modern process of acid-washing was patented in Italy by the Rifle jeans company in February 1986. They accidentally tumbled jeans and pumice stones wetted with a weak solution of bleach in a washing machine without water.

American Garment Finishers (AGF) then industrialised the process in America before offering it to a familiar face – Levi Strauss.

Since its formulation, designers have been using Bleach, Potassium Permanganate, Marble Sand, Expanded Glass Foam and Pumice Stone to stimulate that Acid-Wash wear pattern.

Which brings us to today – but honestly, who hasn’t had at least three pairs of acid-washed jeans in their closet before?

Which Designers Are Creating The Hottest Acid-Wash Looks This Season?

With this trend from the 80s and 90s back and bigger than ever, it seems like the leading denim designers can’t get enough of acid-wash right now. Designers like Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and many more have sent bleached jeans down the runway in recent months.




And of course, at ClintonCharlie – we’re embracing the Acid-Wash trend with our brand new range of Mocha BootyHuggers!

Perfect for the warmer months, this denim is designed to be totally on trend with acid-wash and rips. It’s an eighties flashback, but with a sexy, modern twist.

Wear them casual with thongs, dunlops or dress them up in the evening with a sexy heel.

Our range includes:

With a style to match any look, there’s no excuse not to get on board with this Summer’s hottest denim trend!

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